There is astonishing potential hiding inside suffering, lets find it and use it together!

Pay What You Choose Pricing for May 2021

For the month of May 2021 I am changing my pricing for online Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions. Here is how:

You can choose the amount you pay me. That’s it!

There are 3 methods I can offer you:

Hypnos - Greek god of sleep, in a deep hypnotic trance


Lets get tranceformational! Deeply embed perceptual shifts and belief changes.

Hipster Janus - Roman God of coaching

Wellbeing Coaching

Lets have a conversation for change and initiate those lightbulb moments together.

(Self) Hypnos, Greek god of sleep, blissing out to hypnotic audio

Guided Meditation

Stream, or download me. I’ll be there inside your phone for when you need me.

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My Purpose

Hi, I’m Jonny. I don’t help people to be perfect, to be billionaires, to be adored by everyone they meet, or to be the hero that single-handedly saves the planet. I have a knack, through nature, or nurture, for helping people to find strength in their suffering, to embrace the messy and clean parts of themselves with equal measure, to remove the illusion of separation and reconnect with the whole.

Jonny Baker happy and relaxed hypnotherapist and coach

Lets get socially acquainted:

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A few of the organisations I’ve been working with…