How I Coach

Coaching is present within everything I do, from one-to-one Coaching sessions, to one-to-one Hypnotherapy sessions, to my training work with groups. I use Coaching to get to the bottom of an issue and to challenge my clients’ preconceived limiting beliefs. I use it as a method of fact finding, as well as a method of shifting perception and creating new paradigms of possibility.

The methods I use may include the use of carefully constructed questioning, storytelling, metaphor, visualisation, altering states, mindfulness, reflection, role play and simple conversation.

Coaching Experience

I first learned how to Coach people through my Hypnotherapy diploma in 2004, I then accelerated my Coaching expertise through gaining Neuro-Linguistic Programming qualifications to the level of Advanced Master Practitioner. By far the majority of my expertise comes from my more than fifteen years experience.

What Makes Coaching Effective?

There are many types of Coaching: Life Coaching; Executive Coaching; Cognitive Behavioural Coaching; Positive Psychology Coaching and more and there are just as many explanations of what Coaching means. Most will include aspects such as goal setting, visualisation, solution focussed, asking not telling, client led, building on strengths and so on. Despite the nebulous nature of Coaching there is some evidence to support its effectiveness. If you are interested have a look at this Harvard overview by Dr.Anthony M. Grant. There is plenty more material available with a quick google scholar search.

The best way to understand the effectiveness of Coaching is to have an experience. You can do this by contacting me for a free consultation.

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