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Meeting Success

“Where I knew my goal you helped me to achieve it (I not only got the job but I got through that awful meeting successfully). Where the problem was complex and affective, I am now aware of the changes that are making me happier. You are an excellent practitioner and I have no idea how you communicate, but you do so very effectively. Every session has been successful!”

Sally, London

Calm pebble people shaking hands after a successful meeting and before leaving a positive testimonial
People who have overcome anxiety, inspecting the tranquillity of a calm lake


“Many times you have stilled a Storm on the waters of Life for me… simply Helping me Let go and stop churning over the narrative of the 'pain body' (ego) which does like you to play out a drama, and quite frankly leads you to waste so much time and is really not healthy. You did this just by listening and asking the right questions at the right time, a process I've watched you master!!”

Amir, Kent


“It was very helpful and I came out of the sessions feeling really good – well and upbeat!… I feel that much of your success is down to your personality, energy and enthusiasm.”

Rolande, Paris

Before giving a testimonial, man comes out of Hypnotherapy session, feeling confident and upbeat
A boy confidently and enthusiastically studying for an exam

Exam Confidence

“Since you saw Michael over two weeks ago (to address the subject of confidence for the Kent Test) he has grown in increments daily – his positivity is contagious!”

Helen (about Michael), Kent

Social Anxiety

“Ellie had been very quiet around people she didn't know and wasn't very good at speaking up in public or in social situations – more of a bystander and an observer – however, that has changed now! She is more forthright, more confident, stronger in her opinions and not so approval seeking!!! I am happy to see her striding toward her potential.”

Anja (about Ellie), Frankfurt

Forthright and confident girl, striding through life, before writing testimonial
Woman reports feeling free of stress, relaxed and euphoric as a result of Hypnotherapy


“I found the sessions I had extremely beneficial – afterwards I was very relaxed and almost euphoric”

Sarah, Kent


“Just to let you know that I had a wonderful flight back last night. I still can't believe it, and my husband thought it was the strangest thing – he was sure it wouldn't work”

Marti, Rotterdam

Testimonial about a wonderful flight
Testimonial describing calmness and relaxation during a flight


“It was quite bumpy in parts but I was dead calm and relaxed and read my magazines during the trip without reaching for the armrests once. If this keeps up I'll be forever grateful for all your help. Everyone noticed a change in me beginning with the trip in the car to the airport where I think I must previously have been quite agitated”

Mitesh, London


“I was passing a weird situation in all my aspects. I knew that Jonny could help me and I didn´t doubt. I shared with him all my deep fears and I don´t know why he could show me what is inside me. I mind, you know inside you what is fail and what´s not working but sometimes you don´t like this, you don´t like even everyone knows about it. You hide this, you don´t want anyone to find it. The good thing is that what is inside you is you. You shouldn´t fight with it because you will be hurt to yourself. Until you don´t understand this, you couldn´t be safe. And you could be safe only knowing that you, and all your crazy, silly, stupid things are you. You don´t have to change them. You can create possibility of being in another way. Thank you very much Jonny for my breakthrough, I needed to see what I was thinking about myself and now I am creating the new possibilities that I always I wanted; being amazing, loving myself and knowing that I am unique.”

Sofia, A Coruña

Swan wrote a review, realising the value of itself, by getting to know it's reflection
Testimonial describing breaking free from the shackles of panic attacks

Panic Attacks

“Well I can truly say I felt like the world had lifted after my chat with Jonny. I have battled the worst panic attacks for over six years now which has had the worst effect on my life imaginable. What I gained was for the first time in 6 years I actually understood what my attacks were and how to manage them without it taking over my life. I so look forward to chatting with Jonny again as I truly cannot say enough how this has helped”

Lisa, London

Alcohol and Smoking

“I found you to be a very relaxing and calm person and you empowered me to go on in a more positive way. As a result I have much more control over my drinking, which had been an awful curse from when I was a teenager and had my first drink. And I haven't had a single cigarette since our session! Good riddance!”

Nigel, Kent

An ex-smoker and drinker gives testimonial about how he has quit, leaving behind a wine bottle full of cigarette butts
Pebble person expressing joy in testimonial, due to overcoming social anxiety and spending time with her little pals

Social Anxiety

“All in all, you were great and your practice was brilliant – the proof of it is Danielle and her ability and confidence which just keep on growing – she absolutely loved the session and has recommended you to all her little pals! Your suggestions have stayed clear and fresh in her mind and she uses the “ball” technique on a daily basis – taking it out and holding it!!! I caught her doing that alot in the first few days!”

Penny (about Danielle), Kent

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