What do you REALLY Want to Manifest?

If what you are getting from life is not really doing it for you, you may not be clear about what you really want.

What Will Having That do for You?

There’s nothing wrong with material wealth. If you offered me a million pounds, with no strings attached, I would take it.

What do you imagine having millions would do for you?

  • Bring you status?
  • Bring you security?
  • Bring you freedom?

Where do these qualities exist and how will you know when you have acquired them?

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Can status come as a result of making millions? Can millions come as a result of your status?

How about security and freedom? How do they relate to making millions?

Which is More Valuable, The Resource, or the Resourcefulness?

Let’s say you want to manifest a fancy car. Are you going to just wake up tomorrow morning with the key in your hand? (A)

How much would you appreciate it, even if it were likely?And if you had invested a great deal of yourself into manifesting that car? How much appreciation would you have? (B)

Let’s say you manifested this car through scenario B: 

  • What would you have invested of yourself?
  • What would you have learned?
  • How would you have grown?

By combining deliberate action with manifesting, you could come out of it with three things that no one can take away: significance, capability and resourcefulness…

… and one thing that CAN be taken away: a fancy car!

The Harmony Between the Imagined And Shared Physical Reality

Manifestation should be a practice that harmonises the relationship between the imagined, or interpreted world and shared physical reality.

If one’s understanding of the universe diverges wildly from the reasoned consensus of human thought, I would recommend only engaging in manifestation practices with the approval of a medical professional.

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