Wellbeing Coaching

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What is Wellbeing Coaching?

Through (mental and emotional wellbeing) coaching, I help you to access your own resourcefulness, for you to imagine and believe in a better future, working together to create new possibilities for yourself and others you impact. I then guide you in putting these possibilities in to practise, supporting and nurturing you, holding you accountable to your own goals, through the most important steps in your achievement.

Through coaching I don’t give advice, I ask questions that help you discover answers for yourself.

My Coaching Experience and qualifications

I first learned how to Coach people through my Hypnotherapy diploma in 2004, back when coaching was almost unheard of. I then expanded my Coaching expertise through gaining Neuro-Linguistic Programming qualifications to the level of Advanced Master Practitioner along with numerous other short courses.

In 2011 I gained a master’s degree in Psychology. I undertook research into the emotional exhaustion of a national sample of Special Educational Needs Coordinators and broadening my understanding of human nature.

Since then I have coached extensively in the youth sector, with young people and adults alike. I gained experience in areas such as mental health, personal and social development, activism, communication, personal finance and employability.

Jonny Baker's Certificate for NLP Advanced Master Practitioner
Fish being effective by leaping into a greater fishbowl, due to being safe and susceptible to hypnosis

How can Coaching Help me with my Mental and Emotional Wellbeing?

Wellbeing arises as a result of maintaining a variety of healthy and positive internal and external processes that goven the course of our lives. Much like Hypnotherapy, I use Coaching to help you alter patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, from harmful to healthy. I help you by nurturing your self-value, eliciting a meaningful sense of life-purpose and drawing out a desire to make authentic social connections. The result of this is personal to each client and I tailor each interaction to create the best fit.

What is the Difference Between CFG Coaching and Hypnotherapy Sessions?

My Hypnotherapy sessions involve a significant amount of coaching, but my coaching sessions involve no hypnosis. The addition of hypnosis helps you to deeply embed perceptual shifts and belief changes, to visualise with greater richness and clarity and to have the changes manifest as if it were second nature.

Click here to learn more about Hypnotherapy.

Eyes opened through Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Coaching
There is a way to overcome fear of communication

Which Kinds of Issues has Jonny Helped People Overcome Using Coaching?

Performance anxiety (e.g. public speaking)

-Social anxiety

-Confident communication

-Relationship issues

-Interview performance

-Anger management

-and plenty more

What Makes Wellbeing Coaching Effective?

There are many types of Coaching and there are just as many explanations of what Coaching means. Most include aspects such as goal setting, visualisation, solution focused, asking not telling, client-led, building on strengths and so on. Despite the various nature of Coaching there is evidence to support its effectiveness. If you are interested have a look at this Harvard overview by Dr.Anthony M. Grant. There is plenty more material available with a quick Google Scholar search.

The best way to understand the effectiveness of Coaching is to have an experience. You can do this by booking a free Get to Know Me session.

Awareness of identity revealed through coaching conversation

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