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Change Feels Good Pricing

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Pay What You Choose Pricing

For the month of May 2021 I am changing my pricing for online Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions. Here is how:

  • You can choose the amount you pay me. That’s it.
  • If you can’t pay much you can still get the help you deserve. If you can pay more, you will be helping those who can’t.
  • There will be no judgement made on my part. I trust that you will choose the amount that best reflects the personal value you are gaining, in balance with your financial resources. I will continue to give you the best quality possible, whatever you choose to pay.
  • The way it usually works is that you invest a predefined value in a therapist, or coach and then they invest in you proportionally to that value. I am flipping that process.
  • I realise this is an extraordinary approach. Though something tells me that if you wanted “ordinary” you wouldn’t be interested in my services.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.


We all have different means and financial resources available to us. Some people will happily spend £15,000 for some fish eggs on a plate, while for others, £100 is food for an entire month. Only you know what your financial resources are, so only you can know what the right amount is for you.

Consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. To what extent are your needs fulfilled for the bottom third of the pyramid?

These basic needs are our immediate priorities. I wouldn’t want anyone to pay me with money that genuinely puts these needs at risk.

Netflix? Alcohol? Video games? Fast food? Fashion? During a financial crisis people actually tend to spend more on material comforts and well known brands that give us a temporary boost. “Temporary” is a key word here. These highs don’t last and don’t meaningfully fulfil much at all. At best they are distractions from what really matters.

In contrast, Hypnotherapy and Coaching directly address love, belonging, self-esteem and self-actualisation (in the top two-thirds of the pyramid), creating long-term meaningfulness and a more enriched life-experience. With strengths in these areas we may then be better focussed on earning more money, helping us to fulfil the needs in the lower third of the pyramid as well.

You do the math(s)!

There is no right, or wrong answer. Trust your intuition, pause for a moment, what do you feel, see, or hear yourself say?

No. My commitment to you does not depend on this. You don’t need to pay until after a session.

Generally speaking, the more we pay for a product, the more we value it. The product I offer is improved life experience. Therefore, paying more can increase the potential for it to improve your life. There is a wealth of research indicating this (for example: A, B, C, D, E, F).

However, value is relative and greater quality should not be reserved for people with more financial resources. Estimate an amount that reflects your gained personal value, relative to your financial situation.

If this is your choice, I only ask that you let me know that this is your intention. This helps me to know whether you have chosen not to pay, or whether the transaction has not gone through due to an error.

This could happen for two reasons:

  • If your basic needs are only just being met with the financial resources you have (see “How can I choose the right amount?”)
  • If you have perceived no personal value through our work together

If the latter were the case, there would be little sense in continuing, so our work together would likely end here. I would then offer to help you find another kind of support which may be more suitable for you.

Nothing has changed here. Feel free to request this before we begin with Hypnotherapy, or Coaching.

After a session I will send you the appropriate bank details for you to pay. Please ensure you pay within 24 hours.

Hypnotic Audio

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Typically focusing on the present and future

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One-to-one Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy sessions typically last 1 to 1 + 1/4 hours

Personally tailored interventions

I give you 100% of my awareness

Accessible globally

Free ‘Get to Know Me’ session

Google Meet / Skype

Typically working deeply with narrative threads from past to present and future

Payment plans can be arranged

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How the Booking Process Works

In order for both of us to receive important messages from one-another in good time, we need to ensure that messages don’t get filtered out as spam, or junk. With this in mind, please:

  • Add my email address and phone number to your contacts and/or whitelist (I will do the same with your details)
  • Request postponements, or cancellations with a phone call, or text message, in addition to an email (preferably all 3) to make sure I receive them ASAP

Your appointments and wellbeing are very important to you and me both. I understand that there may be occasions where either party have no option but to cancel, or postpone appointments.

If this should happen, it is important that we each give as much notice as possible. This way someone else, who may need the appointment slot, may be able to take it. Conversely if I should need to cancel, I can avoid wasting your time too.

I therefore respectfully request at least 48 hours notice for cancellation, or postponement.

It is for this reason that charges apply if cancellations, or postponements are made within 48 hours of the appointment. Please see my Cancellation Policy for more details.

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