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Jonny Baker


Accredited Hypnotherapist and Coach, practicing since 2004. Producer of self-hypnosis and guided meditation audio, streaming on Spotify and Insight Timer

Are you Looking for a Hypnotherapist / Coach like me?

Choosing a hypnotherapist, or coach is a crucially important question. We are talking about your happiness, health and wellbeing, your fulfilment and life-satisfaction. Is there anything more fundamental?

This is why I offer ‘get to know me’ sessions, consisting of a 20 minute video, or phone call, where you can ask me anything you want that would help you to come to this understanding and whether you feel you’d like to work together in hypnotherapy, or coaching. These sessions are also an opportunity for me to understand whether I feel we are the right fit to work together. The majority of the time, the answer is yes, but it is a useful process nonetheless.

Open hand in commitment to Hypnotherapy and Coaching clients

Accredited hypnotherapist and coach

Jonny Baker's Hypnotherapy diploma certification


MA Psychology of Education

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Advanced Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

BA (HONS) Visual Communication

I am currently training to qualify as a Hypno-Psychotherapist and gain full clinical UKCP membership

Memberships and Accreditation

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Before I became an accredited hypnotherapist and coach

Your Hypnotherapist’s / Coach’s Professional Journey

I’ve been a hypnotherapist and coach since 2004. I’m currently based in Italy, working online with clients in the UK. Looking back it is easy to see how I arrived at hypnotherapy and coaching. I am naturally high in openness to experience, agreeableness and extraversion and low in conscientiousness and neuroticism (Big 5 Personality Test). I was always fascinated by perception, what makes people tick and what shifts are necessary to help people find fulfilment in themselves and their lives.

My training and experience began in 2003 with a diploma in hypnotherapy, from which I graduated in 2004 and immediately started working with hypnotherapy clients. This practical experience, I realised, is the best training I could ever have. I am grateful to all those clients who believed in me in the early days, helping me to develop and offer more.

This is not, however, meant to understate the wonderfully enriching training I have engaged in along my way. This includes a practitioner, master practitioner and advanced master practitioner in NLP, a masters degree in psychology and currently, an advanced diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy. This latter qualification, along with my hypnotherapy diploma and masters degree will form the basis for accreditation and registration with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), the highest standard in UK therapy.

Hypnotic Audio Creation

Since the coronavirus lockdown I have reconnected with my love for music production, integrating sonic influence techniques, such as natural sounds, binaural beats, uplifting melodies and expansive ambience, with hypnotic suggestion.

I have a free mp3 download for you here. …and you can listen, stream, or download more here.

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