Discover Your Meaningful Existence: Overcoming Anxiety and Symptoms of Depression with Hypnotherapy

Person looking through binoculars, beyond anxiety and depression, for a meaningful existence

When Meaningful Existence is woven into Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Depression, What is Possible?

Hypnotherapy can help you to reduce anxiety, stress and depression symptoms, build resilience and hope and to move from a loss to a growth mindset, when applied through the context of a meaningful life existence.

When we have meaning in life, levels of anxiety, depression and stress appear lower, according to Chen et al., (2021), Dursun et al., (2022) and Köksal et al., (2014). Facco et al., (2017) found that resilience, realised through hypnotic treatment, is highly effective when underpinned by “a shared, meaningful… approach to life”. Furthermore, Handel and Néron, (2017) identified Hypnotherapeutic approaches as having great potential to enhance a sense of hope and move from mindsets of loss to growth in cancer patients.

How can Hypnotherapy help with Anxiety and Depression?

The beneficial effects of Hypnotherapy specifically for anxiety and depression are even better understood:

  • “Hypnosis is a very effective way of alleviating the symptoms of depression” (Milling et al., 2019)
  • The use of hypnotic interventions has shown greater benefits than controls for treating  anxiety and depression, among other outcomes, according to Terhune et al., (2017)
  • Hypnotic treatments reduced anxiety by 79%, and at follow-up, more than 84%, for average participants compared with controls (Valentine et al., 2019)

These findings certainly resonate with my experience as a Hypnotherapist since 2004.

Caterpillars seemingly transforming from depressing to meaningful existence
Man leaping into a lake, free from anxiety and into a meaningful life, enthusiastically

How Long Before my Existence will Truly be Meaningful?

There are no shortcuts to living a life full of passion, meaning and purpose and the first steps are often the most challenging. You will need to go ‘all in’ on this!…

…But something interesting happens when we take our first steps in a meaningful life and get into a momentum. Our point of view shifts, time moves more quickly and distances shrink. You will know what I mean if you have ever gone on a long walk, or car journey.

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What are the Components I can Expect in a Meaningful Existence?

Working together, using Hypnotherapy, You have the opportunity to:

  • Integrate a sense of of awe and wonder as a part of your daily emotional journey
  • Appreciate and perpetuate your incremental progress
  • Discover how the stories which resonate with you and with others, contain the truth, and render you resourceful and powerful
  • Lose yourself and lose time, from time to time, through integrating regular flow states into your life
  • Belong with others, belong with yourself
  • Be and feel purposeful. Feel the appreciation that others feel because of what you do and what you give

Links coming soon to learn more about each outcome.

A blanket being made in a loom, like components of a meaningful existence woven together as one blanket
A depiction of lots of different types of people, all of whom could benefit from overcoming anxiety, or depression with a meaningful existence

Who Could Benefit Most From Living More Meaningfully?

  • People who feel anxious about life
  • People who have depressive feelings about life
  • People who don’t know how they feel about life
  • People who don’t know what their place is in life
  • People who are ‘going through the motions’ of living, without feeling like they are actually ‘living’
  • People who feel like they are disconnected from part of their identity (gender, profession, culture or religion for example)
  • People who are worried about their children’s future due to, for example, health, familial, political, economic, or environmental uncertainties
  • People who want to feel less anxious about climate change, without passively accepting it
  • People who are concerned about the future due to political mistrust

Whoever you are, you must be

  • Ready for greater passion, meaning and purpose
  • Above the age of 18, a UK resident and able to stream video calls with workable quality

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Can you Dedicate 10 Minutes to Start Living a Meaningful Life Now?

Let’s get practical, with something you can do right now. “The first step is the most important”, Steve Backley, olympic track and field athlete:

Take a moment to reflect on an action you have already taken in your life that brought you a sense of:




-Flow, or Harmonious passion



Now answer the following questions:

1. How did you feel?

2. What choices did you make?

3. What/who for?

4. Write down (or recite to someone) a short story of your experience

Let me know how you get on

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