What Could You Already Be Manifesting Without Realising It?

To What Extent is Trauma a Form of Negative Manifestation?

Trauma can initiate negative manifestation. It can inhibit your self-esteem, your ability to move towards goals and to motivate yourself. Trauma that may have been picked up during the course of life can replay and loop after the event is long gone, during a variety of different external encounters. This can block our ability to think clearly, be creative and imagine.

Trauma can be encoded, even in the context of “perfect” parenting. The Still Face Experiment highlights how even a short moment of absent expression on the face of a parental figure can leave a child distressed.

You could be the greatest parent of all time. If a timely opportunity is not provided for the child to return to positive, comfortable interaction with the parent, the formation of a traumatic experience can follow.

With only a partially developed brain, a child can easily blame themselves for this, potentially holding this belief for a lifetime.

This can colour our relationships with ourselves and others, if not addressed in therapy, or meditation, for example.

Such interpretations function just like affirmations. However, they often contain a polar opposite message to the abundance, or confidence, or love you might choose.

So, whether or not you have obtained traumatic experiences, you may have a build-up of existing negative manifestations.

You may, or may not be completely aware of them, or any resistance they present to the manifestation process.

Portrait of Carl Gustav Jung“, by Barabeke, under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 DEED

It may be that this can be overcome through committed habituation of affirmations and foresense alone. On the other hand it may be that, significant emotional, or behavioural resistance arises and blocks you from effective manifesting.

In which case, you may choose to seek professional help in working through that resistance. The key here is not to try to push these feelings and interpretations about yourself and others away. As Carl Jung said “What you resist not only persists but will grow in size“.

The key is to learn to remain with them with calmness, to be curious and responsive, not reactive.

When you get help to overcome negative manifestation, you can reduce the fear enough to release its power and control over you, leaving you free to manifest as you would choose.

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